Bing2Google Redirects Windows 10’s Bing Web Searches To Google

Bing2Google Redirects Windows 10’s Bing Web Searches To Google

Windows 10 brings a ton of sweet new features. Among them, you can now search the web directly from the Start menu. However, it will always use Bing. The Bing2Google extension for Chrome will redirect your searches to Google instead.

Once installed, this extension will redirect any Bing search in your browser to a Google search for those same terms instead. It will only work if Chrome is set as your default browser, and it won’t actually affect any results you get within the Start menu itself (like “what’s the weather like?”).

It’s worth pointing out that this extension will always redirect Bing to Google, even if you manually pull up in your browser. While that may be all well and good for most people, Bing can occasionally do some things well, but you’ll have to temporarily disable this extension to use it.

Bing2Google [Chrome Web Store via Into Windows]


  • Has there been any kind of study showing the differences between Bing and Google? Just wondering why Bing is getting so much hate, what with these articles on how to bypass it on the actual OS side of things. Is it really so bad?

    • It’s mostly anecdotal, but I know from experience that Bing seems to sort results by terrible first. Search for a program to download and you end up with 10 dodgy virus riddled links before you get to the real one.

    • From my personal experience there’s a huge dlifference between the two. Bing is frustrating as hell. It’s search results are just not anywhere near as good as Google’s.

    • I guess it comes to personalisation. If you use one search engine regularly, the predictions and results will generally be better. Thing is, many people (me included) don’t use Bing. Also, Bing’s image search results have historically been weaker than Google’s, and they update slower.

      This screencap made the rounds after the Xbox One’s reveal (, and speaks volumes. Sure, no one expects Bing’s results to match Google’s only hours after news breaks, but jeez… it’s their own console.

    • Most people are just used to google, and some people probably dont use google or bing at all

      The fact that they don’t currently have an option to choose you’re search engine is reason enough to make me not want to use it.

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