iOS 9 Can Delete Apps To Make Room For OS Upgrades

Not enough space for an iOS upgrade? Not a problem with the latest build of iOS 9, which will shuffle away apps to make room, and then reinstall them when the upgrade is done.

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AppleInsider reports on the second beta of iOS 9, which includes functionality to smooth out the issues around iOS upgrades and limited space on smaller capacity (or overcrowded) iPhones and iPads by removing apps to make room.

This isn't apparently a nuclear option; you get to choose which apps will be temporarily deleted while the upgrade takes place, or to cancel the upgrade and make those decisions manually. Affected apps are then re-downloaded and updated, which could be interesting if iOS 9 picks an app that isn't offered any longer through the app store.

iOS 9 can automatically delete, reinstall apps to make room for OS updates [AppleInsider]


    I wonder how this will impact apps that have on-phone save states such as games and todo/calendar apps and the like? I wonder if deleting the apps at upgrade will mean you lose that progress or if save data is saved to cloud or something prior to deletion.

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