The LG G4 Still Needs An Australian Release Date

Overnight, LG announced its new G4 Android smartphone. It's an impressive device, but annoyingly we don't have any confirmed release dates or pricing.

Gizmodo's Campbell Simpson is in Singapore for the phone's launch, and he's impressed with what's an offer: a slightly curved 5.5 inch screen with improved brightness, a 16-megapixel camera and a removable leather back. But right now there's no official launch date or carrier partners.

As Campbell notes, it's likely we'll see the phone out in around three months. With so many colour variants, I'd guess carriers may end up with "exclusives" on certain models. I'm certain that you'll have to be on a $100+ a month plan to avoid paying extra handset charges if you buy on contract. Hit Campbell's story linked below for the full run-down on the phone.

This Is The LG G4 [Gizmodo]


    There isn't a US release date either though, is there?

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