Dealhacker: $589 Gets You A Brand New LG G4

There's never been a better time to buy a phone! No, that's not true. It's almost never a good time with models being replaced so quickly. All you can really do is snipe the best deal you can, without depriving yourself of a decent portable telecommunications device. If you like the look of the LG G4, then today might be the day to pull the trigger.

An eBay group deal spotted by OzBargain user "definitive", has the mobile on offer for $589, postage included. It's a very competitive price compared to its current going rate elsewhere for $600 or more, once delivery is factored in.

On a related note, the OnePlus 2 is also available to Australians right now, though it's more expensive (~$645) and you're not guaranteed to get the LTE compatibility you need.

LG G4 32GB (Black/Brown/Red) [eBay, via OzBargain]


    When my OPO dies, I'm giving the Moto G a crack, I reckon.

    I've got the moto g 2nd edition. It's good but a little buggy. You will need an external memory card to.

    This sale is well-timed given the recent release of a safe, low-effort root method for the G4 ( As a G4 owner I can say this is a great phone and this is a good deal from a reputable seller. This is the full-featured H815, not some cut-down foreign region variant and is compatible with the new root method.

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