Build A Simple, Five-Part, Portable Raspberry Pi

Build a Simple, Five Part Portable Raspberry Pi

We've seen some cool portable Raspberry Pi projects, but they're all pretty complex. Instructables user PiJuice takes a much simpler approach, using just five standard parts to take the Pi on the go.

Beyond some cables, the build includes a TFT screen, a small handmade case, a keyboard and a mouse, as well as the Raspberry Pi itself. You can purchase the case if you're interested, but it seems easy enough to build on your own if you have access to a laser cutter (your local hackerspace has one, certainly). The end result is a pretty cheap little portable system that's easy to put together. Head over to Instructables for the full guide.

Raspberry Pi Portable Pi Laptop [Instructables]


    Don't forget the battery. The Pi is a great board, but it sucks juice like an alcoholic at an open bar.
    A 30 amp-hour "009" car battery weighs in at 9Kg:
    My quest: to find a more efficient board. The Intel Edison sounds promising but specifications are buried on Intel site, across multiple documents.

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