Build Your Own Pocket-Sized Computer With A Raspberry Pi

Build Your Own Pocket-Sized Computer With A Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a fantastic little machine for doing all sorts of things, and because the Raspberry Pi is so small, it’s also really portable. DIYer Nathan Morgan used that size to his advantage to create a tiny, portable computer complete with keyboard, trackpad, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Morgan’s build uses a Raspberry Pi, a 3.5-inch LCD screen from a car’s backup camera system, a WiFi dongle, Bluetooth Dongle, and a tiny keyboard and trackpad. The little computer even has a 64GB SSD drive built into it. Then, the whole thing is packed into a 3D-printed case. It’s a neat little machine that ends up looking something like a bulky Nintendo DS, but it has a surprisingly amount of power considering its size. The grand total for the project was about $US390 (most of that cost being the SSD). Head over to Morgan’s site for a full breakdown of the parts, schematics, and everything else you need to build this for yourself.

Mobile Raspberry Pi Computer: Build your own portable Pi-to-Go [Parts People via Make]


  • interesting project but the most expensive part is being wasted. (a SSD on a USB 2.0 port.) I’ll agree that the SSD has built in ware levelling but USB drives are cheaper and can be faster than the SD cards.

    More money would be saved if he used two phones batteries instead (3.6v + 3.6v = 7.2v) plus a dc 2 dc converter to 5v ( phone batteries would also have external chargers and are a lot cheaper)

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