Briefly: New Jurassic World Trailer, Village Roadshow Vs Piracy, KFC Perth Rave

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including the latest Jurassic World trailer and an unusual way to consume KFC.

  • There is yet another trailer for Jurassic World which you can view above. Take Mark's advice and embrace the stupid.
  • Village Roadshow's anti-piracy campaign continues with a submission to the government inquiry on proposed site-blocking legislation. It rather memorably compares ISPs to sewers and fights against piracy to Tidy Towns campaigns. Luke at Gizmodo has rounded up the highlights.
  • Finally, some people in Perth held a rave at a KFC. Check the video:


    At first read I thought that Angus meant 'finally' as in, 'at last,' not lastly. For a second there I was wondering how long he'd been anticipating a rave in KFC, and why.

    Wow.... the idea of what qualifies as a rave really has changed... that used to be called a disco when I was a kid lol.

      I was going to say the same. Just looks like a whole lot of awkward shuffling to me.

        Blindingly fast techno... neon lighting and paint... glow sticks... jumping around and dancing like an epileptic (I'm epileptic, I can say this lol :P ).... illicit substances (kfc gravy may suffice in this case) that qualifies to me.

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