Video Briefly: Jurassic World Trailer, KFC Rave, Apple Watch Torture Test

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Latest trailers for Jurassic Park and Mad Max: Fury Road, Perth throws a KFC rave party, how to scratch an Apple Watch.

  • Old people aren’t huge fans of violent video games. Watch as various pensioners are subjected to the goriest fatalities from Mortal Kombat X.
  • Earlier this week, we talked about the technology that allowed physicist Stephen Hawking to appear live as a hologram at the Sydney Opera House. You can now check out the full video of his appearance above.
  • Need a challenge for the weekend? Try completing Bloodborne using only a Guitar Hero controller. Yes, it’s possible.
  • When John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight began, we enjoyed the fact that many of the best bits ended up on YouTube. Alas, that appears to be increasingly rare — the content is now taking weeks to show up for Australians. Pro tip: a lot of it still ends up on the show’s Facebook page.
  • Mark at Kotaku is absolutely right: the music from Bloodborne is a lot less impressive when you see who sings it:
  • Here’s the first footage from the new Mad Max game (via Kotaku)
  • Marvel movie alert: Avengers: Age Of Ultron hits cinemas this week. Gizmodo has both a spoiler-laden and spoiler-free review.
  • What does it take to scratch an Apple Watch? Turns out sandpaper will do the job.
  • Fancy some metal cover versions of classic Nintendo game music? Of course you do.
  • Virtual reality porn is now a thing: and it has made significant progress in the realm of breast physics. (NSFW, obviously)
  • The final trailer has been released for Mad Max: Fury Road. Watch it here.
  • Charlie Pickering’s new ABC TV show The Weekly included an amusing discussion of piracy in its first episode. Check the video.
  • Here’s the Batman v. Superman trailer recreated in Lego.
  • There is yet another trailer for Jurassic World which you can view here. Take Mark’s advice and embrace the stupid.
  • Some people in Perth held a rave at a KFC. As you do.

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