5 Benefits Of Better Video Collaboration

5 Benefits Of Better Video Collaboration

Two-thirds of all communication is non-verbal in nature.

Get back to face-to-face communication and see the benefits — for you, your team and the business. Here are just five of the powerful ways video conferencing will improve your workplace.

1. Productivity gains

Face-to-face communication increases understanding and helps with faster decision making. Participants in video meetings are more likely to stay alert and focused on what is being discussed. A global survey of 1300 managers published in 2013 found 87% of respondents believed video had a significant and positive organisational impact.

2. Cost savings

Video collaboration allows you to maintain quality relationships with clients and stay in touch with remote experts at a moment’s notice, without costly travel or delays. You can also save on office space, costly recruiting, and retraining by empowering valuable employees who need to relocate or work from home for a few days.

James R. Brogan of Kohn Pederson Fox Associates, says that because of video conferencing, “Travel is no longer a bottleneck in carrying out our projects. Our clients know that we can maintain frequent contact with them without time or distance being a barrier.”

3. Flexible workspaces can stay connected

Teams in different offices can stay connected, making decisions in real time via video conference. Telecommuters and remote employees can stay on track, whether mobile, at their desk, or in a team room, and add insights into day-to-day operations and new policies.

68% of HR professionals believe adopting a flexible, mobile work model delivers a competitive advantage (Connected World Technology Report, Cisco, 2014).

4. Maintain personal connections

Participants in video conferences are able to see each other’s facial expressions and body language. This can help meetings feel more personal and build relationships and trust with colleagues, clients and partners.

5. Better work-life balance

Excessive business travel can burn employees out. Stay connected in a dynamic work environment without having to sacrifice work-life balance. Connect from wherever you are to whomever you need. You’ll lower stress and increase business performance levels.

For more information about video conferencing, and a free 30 day trial, visit Cisco.