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There was a time when the idea of a five-day work week seemed fanciful. But now companies are starting to look at what a four-day week might mean for productivity and improving the work/life balance. A company in New Zealand has been trialling this idea and, after a testing it out, has decided to roll it out across their entire workforce.


Many of us are fortunate to have forward thinking managers and to work in companies where flexible work arrangements are embedded in the fabric of how the business runs. But that's not the reality for everyon so the Fair Work Commission is trying to change that. A new ruling stipulates that employers will need to justify why flexible work arrangements can't be made available.


Dear Lifehacker, I was hoping to get some advice on how best to make a special request of my boss. I suffer from misophonia, with some people in the office triggering it with their typing and various other sounds. I want to inform my boss of my condition and see if I can request a room for myself, but I don't know if I should do that informally by just talking to them, or formally by writing them an email.


Two-thirds of all communication is non-verbal in nature.

Get back to face-to-face communication and see the benefits -- for you, your team and the business. Here are just five of the powerful ways video conferencing will improve your workplace.