Weed Out The Kitchen Tools You Don’t Use With The Box Method

Weed Out The Kitchen Tools You Don’t Use With The Box Method

Some kitchen tools are indispensable, but others just float around your kitchen, never to be used again. You can declutter your kitchen tool storage with this simple process.

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We all have kitchen tools we bought to make that one thing that one time and then never made it again, even though we swore we would. Well it’s time to clear those out because they’re just taking up space you could be using for other things. Commenter cook_at_home at The Kitchn suggests you go with the box method:

  • Take everything and put it in a box. Only take something out when you need it. [Then return it to its home in the kitchen after you’ve used it.]
  • Before you take something out, think if there is another way to do the task with what you have.
  • After a month move the box to the basement (or other ‘distant’ storage). After 6 months, donate the box.

You’ll quickly see which tools you use constantly and which tools hardly ever get touched. The trick is to be honest with yourself when you go to grab something out of the box. Unless it’s something really expensive, you’re bound to find another way to do what you’re trying to do. Putting the box away for 6 months — or at least a week or so — gives you a little more time to see how little you use those tools so you can give them away, no problem. Whether you donate your stuff or try to sell it at a yard sale, you’ll feel great once it’s all gone.

A Smart Tip for Weeding Out Your Kitchen Tools [The Kitchn]


  • I just moved into a new address and need to weed out some stuff, I’m thinking of getting some adhesive dots and sticking it on everything including clothes, the dot gets removed when used. Anything with a dot on it in six months gets tossed.

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