Grate Ginger Easily With Plastic Wrap

Grated ginger is useful in lots of dishes, but grating it can be a pain. The solution is simple: cover your grater with a little plastic wrap, and grate the ginger over the wrap.

You'd think it would tear, but it doesn't. When you're done, just lift the plastic up and scoop off the minced ginger, juice and all. The video above from OXO shows you how it's done.

This is actually a tip I stumbled on watching an old episode of Julia Child's In Julia's Kitchen with Master Chefs. I've done this myself a few times, and it never fails — and it's even easier than using one of our favourite kitchen tools, the ever-versatile microplane. Click play above to see the tip in action.

How to Use Plastic Wrap Over a Grater to Grate Ginger [Oxo (YouTube)]


    Put a piece of baking paper over the fine holes when you zest a lemon to lift that zest right off.

    Thanks Beaker, rather the thought of eating paper than plastic bits, even if only imagined.

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