Briefly: Game Of Thrones Season 5 In Australia, CommBank For Android Adds NFC

Briefly: Game Of Thrones Season 5 In Australia, CommBank For Android Adds NFC
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Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including when the first episode of Game Of Thrones Season 5 debuts in Australia, and expanded Tap & Pay support in the CommBank Android app.

  • It’s hard to argue that you need to pirate Game of Thrones when the opening episode of season 5 will be simulcast in countries around the world, including Australia. As Gizmodo reports, the opening episode will be shown live on Foxtel’s Showcase channel at 11am on Monday April 13, with an encore screening at 730pm the same night. That pattern will continue throughout the season.
  • The Commonwealth Bank has updated its Android app, adding the ability to use any Android phone with NFC and running Android 4.4 or later for Tap & Pay purchases. Sweet!
  • Games classification in Australia might be about to improve, with Australia signing up for the International Age Ratings Coalition (IARC) scheme, which allows games to be rated for multiple countries automatically via a questionnaire. That makes age rating for digital and mobile games — an area that’s currently largely ignored — much more feasible.
  • But let’s not get too cocky. Today we also learned that we’ve only just got rid of rules that required 3D content to be classified separately from 2D, even when the movie is identical. Yeah, we’re on top of this.


  • Regarding the commbank app, it only works with transaction accounts. Doesn’t work with credit cards. Super lame.

  • If you think GOT5 being broadcast on that money grabbing BS satellite box is going to stop piracy then you should go to Crown Casino and throw your money at Packer because he wants you to win at life too mate. HBO Go on my Aussie NBN streaming in HD then who knows …

  • It’s actually on Foxtel ‘showcase’ not showtime.

    In order to get showcase you need the Foxtel Drama pack. The base pack + drama is $45 per month (not including the initial setup fees which you should be able to negotiate away).

    And this is suppose to persuade people away from pirating? The only people that will watch it on showcase are those that already have the package.

  • Re the CBA NFC. Last month I paid $2.99 for their tap and go sticker (NFC I assume) which I put on the back of my Android phone. It charges to my CBA Credit Card

    • The funny thing about the NFC stickers CBA sends out is that they have absolutely nothing to do with Android – you can tape it to anything (or nothing) and it will work just fine.

      It’s just that the Android app gives you the ability to enable or disable it at the bank’s end.

  • I tried the CBA NFC thing this morning on my Note 3 at a Woolworths self-serve checkout and it didn’t work. The reader kept saying “Error, please tap again” until I got frustrated and dug my card out of my wallet to just tap that.

  • Tap and Pay NFC does not work at Woolworths. Woolworths is using proprietary software on there terminals and they only allow accept card numbers based on the first 6 numbers once it has been added to there software. This caused issues with the new NFC, the old Pay Tags and new updated AMEX cards with Express Pay 2.0

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