Use A USB SSD For Your Windows Boot Camp And Save Space On Your Mac

Use a USB SSD for Your Windows Boot Camp and Save Space on Your Mac

Lots of Mac owners run Windows in a Boot Camp partition, but if you want to save some space (for example on a Macbook with limited storage) and have Windows run faster, try a USB SSD.

Traditional external spinning drives would be too slow to use, Cult of Mac says, but the Pocket SSD works — and it's snappy. There's a lengthy process getting the OS and Boot Camp drivers on the SSD and these drives can be expensive (the 120GB shown here is $US100, and a 240GB version is $US175), but you can run Windows off it and also use it to extend your storage space.

Put an SSD in your pocket and you'll sail through Boot Camp [Cult of Mac]


    These things heat up real quick. Great for storing files but not for using as a boot drive.

      Hey Chayne, have you much experience with something like this??
      The article got me interested but your comment has me at 50/50 as to whether I should try it.

        I got one for xmas because I read an earlier article about them (can't remember if it was here or not). As I waited for delivery, I read a few forums saying there was a problem with heating after prolonged use. I put it to the test when I received it and moved a few (legally obtained) ISO files to it. I noticed the heat about 3 minutes in. I haven't run it for very long since, I've been using it just for storage.

    Does anyone have an alternative?

    I run MACOS on a USB disk (its just a 32GB standard USB Stick) and it runs fine. As I use windows more often, I then formatted the Mac HD and install windows without the mac partition. All I had to do is use disk utiility to clone the MACOS partition and then delete it. The MACOS boots fine and run fine. I can even update it.

    MACOS is designed to run from USB, where Windows 8.1 doesn't unless you have Enterprise.

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