How Much IT Contractors Get Paid Across Australia

How Much IT Contractors Get Paid Across Australia

Contracting as an IT pro can still be lucrative, but it does depend on where you live. New data suggests that you’re going to earn a lot less in Victoria than South Australia — but you’ll still typically get twice the hourly rate of a permanent employ. Plus: which roles are the most likely to be hired?

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This data, compiled by the Information Technology Contract & Recruitment Association (ITCRA), covers the last calendar quarter of 2014. In the table below, we’ve shown the typical rates for permanent and contractor roles across NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and the ACT, as well as how long it typically takes recruiters to fill those roles. (As with other IT employment statistics, Tasmania and the Northern Territory get left out because the base of employees is too small.)

State Permanent
hourly rate
hourly rate
days to fill
days to fill
ACT $67.85 $103.71 45 83
New South Wales $64.32 $124.15 28 39
Queensland $57.17 $82.11 25 37
South Australia $51.58 $66.10 20 68
Victoria $73.29 $162.89 33 44
Western Australia $64.95 $121.24 20 34

What those averages conceal is the demand for particular roles. TheITCRA report also lists the roles that recruiters find most in demand at the moment:

Permanent Contract
Analyst programmer Project manager
Business analyst Business analyst
Project manager Consultant
Help desk Analyst programmer
Network designer Help desk
Consultant Desktop/PC support
Desktop support Tester
IT manager Network engineer
  Systems engineer
  Project coordinator

Of course, the higher rates for contractors are designed to cover for lack of holiday leave and other full-time benefits. Not everyone finds contracting suitable, but if you’re working in one of the high-demand areas, it could be worth considering.

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