Build A Step Stool For Your Kids That Doubles As Storage

Build a Step Stool for Your Kids That Doubles as Storage

Every household needs a step stool, and one that doubles as storage is even better. You can build this step stool in an afternoon using basic tools and pine boards from your local hardware store.

If you're on the short side, step stools are necessary to help navigate pantries and high shelves in kitchens. They are also great for young children who wish to help cook dinner or need a boost when washing their hands in the bathroom.

Instead of buying a cheap plastic one that you know will look horrible in your home, build your own you can paint or stain it any colour you'd like. The storage area also provides a convenient place for kids to store bath toys or for you to keep workshop rags or cleaning supplies. (You can even customise it with their name and let them choose the colour to paint it).

You'll need a saw to cut your boards, sandpaper to make them smooth, and some screws and glue to keep it all together. Add grip tape on the step for extra traction and cut your own design into the side to make it yours.

Build a Storage Step Stool [Built by Kids]


    I'm actually prety sure you can get a step ladder like this from IKEA or some other home hardware shop. It's then only a simple matter of boarding up the sides and Voila! Instant storage!

    Aren't there options for self storage stepping stools at IKEA or something! They probably have a box-pod-container thing or something that you can use for that!

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