This DIY LEGO Table Keeps The Kids Entertained And Their Bricks Organised

This DIY LEGO Table Keeps The Kids Entertained And Their Bricks Organised

Getting your kids to put away their toys every time is nearly impossible, and nothing is worse than stepping on a stray LEGO brick. Make them this LEGO play table to give them a space to build with (and put away) their bricks.

Image from My Lil’ Luna.

The materials are inexpensive enough that you can make one for each kid, or even an extra for when they have a friend over. Here’s what you need:

  • 6mm x 19mm round moulding x 2.4m
  • 50mm x 50mm x at least 862mm pine or pressure treated wood, cut into two 431mm pieces
  • IKEA LACK Side table
  • IKEA TROFAST storage box
  • Construction adhesive (liquid nails, wood glue or any equivalent)
  • LEGO Baseplate
  • finishing nails
  • spray paint (optional)
  • 57mm screws
  • 44mm screws

Cut a 12mm x 12mm notch out of one side of the two 431mm pieces of wood. You may need to sand down the notches so that the storage box fits smoothly (you’ll eventually end up with a drawer to store the LEGO). If you want, spray paint the rails to match your table. Assemble the LACK table, lay the storage box under the rails, and attach the rails using the 57mm screws. Use the 44mm screws to stop your kids from being able to push the box too far under the table. Cut the trim so that one piece fits on each side of the table, then attach with construction adhesive. Attach the LEGO baseplate to the centre of the tabletop using the same adhesive.

If your kids already have another bin they use to store their LEGO bricks, you can skip the drawer. This DIY table and storage bin also works for other small toys, like dolls or cars. For a full visual step-by-step, hit the link below.

DIY LEGO Table [My Lil’ Luna]

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