Briefly: Cheap Nokia Lumia, McDonald's Mummy, Moog Synthesiser Returns

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: get a Nokia Lumia 530 for $39.50 from Woolworths, see the last McDonald's hamburger in Iceland — live on video.

  • Woolworths is currently selling Nokia Lumia 530 smartphones for just $39.50. This is a decent four-inch handset boasting a 5MP camera and running on Windows 8.1. The catch is that they're locked to Telstra. It also comes bundled with a protective case.
  • In response to dwindling sales, McDonald's chose to exit Iceland back in 2009 (they prefer hákarl up there). To commemorate the occasion, Hjörtur Smárason purchased a burger on closing day and kept it in his garage. It eventually made its way to the Bus Hostel Reykjavik in Iceland and can be viewed on a 24/7 live video stream. Terrifyingly, it doesn't appeared to have changed much. You can watch the live stream here.
  • Moog is reissuing a limited number of instruments from the its extinct line of crazy modulars from the 1970s with prices starting at $10,000. You'll probably never actually get to play one, but at the very least you can revel in this magnificent demo.


    "The catch is that they’re locked to Telstra. It also comes bundled with a protective case."

    That's like saying "I've baked you a yummy black forest cake, but instead of a cherry on top, I've bricked on it.

    Last edited 03/02/15 7:58 pm

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