Vodafone 4G WiFi Cube: Home Mobile Broadband That's Closer To Affordable

One of the more frequent questions we get here at Lifehacker is where to find an affordable 4G service for use as broadband in the home. While still not as cheap as wired ADSL broadband, Vodafone's new 4G WiFi Cube and associated plans are a decent option if you're in a Vodafone 4G coverage area.

If you sign up, you get the Huawei-manufactured Cube, a 4G hotspot which can connect up to 30 devices. You have to buy the device on contract; it isn't available outright. You do have the choice of a 12- or 24-month contract. Here's a roundup of the available plans, including per-month costs, minimum total cost and how much data you get:

Monthly charge Contract Data Min total cost
$31 12 2.5GB $372
$25 24 2.5GB $600
$41 12 4GB $492
$35 24 4GB $840
$56 12 8GB $672
$50 24 8GB $1,200
$70 12 12GB $840
$65 24 12GB $1,560
$95 12 25GB $1,140
$90 24 25GB $2,160

One note of caution: once you've used up your allowance, you'll automatically be slugged $10 for an additional 1GB. That could get expensive if you don't track your usage. However, if you're in a location with terrible ADSL but can get decent 4G (and don't mind the contract), $90 a month for 25GB isn't too bad.



    Whoa. That 25GB plan is literally half the price of Telstra's! http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2014/11/telstras-top-4g-data-plan-is-a-bit-silly/

      Campbell, buddy, you forgot your own update. The 25GB is only $165/mo on Telstra.
      Still a massive difference though!

    Man, that really is terrible compared to wired (most places, anyway).

    I'm so glad I get half-decent ADSL at home. Paying $90 for 25GB would make me cry so hard, instead of paying $80 for 250GB.

    Only the 25GB plan is good value. For everything less than that, Virgin are eating them alive on pretty much every front (much lower price, no contract and no charge for exceeding your quota)

    Saying that however, no doubt life is very hard for those who can't get ADSL or the NBN at home

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