Video Briefly: Extreme Holidays, BMW Sound Hack, Before-And-After GIFs

Video Briefly: Extreme Holidays, BMW Sound Hack, Before-And-After GIFs
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Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: new Game Of Thrones trailer, Tesla Model S versus Dodge Challenger Hellcat, the best adventure video you will see today.

  • In this funny video from Russian YouTuber Mr TV Cow, a Jedi and Sith show off their “enhanced” lightsabres to increasingly ridiculous effect.
  • Is it possible to “convert” an non-gamer in 30 minutes? In a bid to find out, we tasked our colleague Rae Johnston with attempting to win over the biggest anti-gamer in the office. Click here to see the video.
  • YouTuber Roman Atwood has pulled off some pretty amusing pranks in his time, but this video may be his finest moment. Watch as he transforms a living room into a gigantic multi-coloured ball pit.
  • Love Marvel comics? Check out this detailed video timeline showing every single X-Men member that ever joined the team from September 1963, when Stan “The Man” Lee and Jack “The King” Kirby debuted X-Men #1 with Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, and Marvel Girl, led by Professor X.
  • To make a successful video full of amazing GTA V stunts, you need to screw up. A lot. Thankfully, those screw-ups are amazing to watch.
  • Qantas’ last Boeing 767 aircraft took its final flight in December before the airline retired it after almost 30 years in the sky. The pilots had a camera in the cockpit to give us a great view of the final flight.
  • An Australian recently crashed his remote-controlled plane into the ocean. Lucky for him, a GoPro camera was attached and the resulting footage of underwater animals arguably made up for his broken plane.
  • In the lead-up to the next season of Game Of Thrones, HBO has remastered the final two episodes of season four to play in IMAX. There’s a bit of a hype trailer for it now up on YouTube, and it looks awesome.
  • Apple’s newest store in China looks freaking gorgeous. Here is a video of the new digs.
  • Professional YouTuber Devin Graham (also known as Devinsupertramp), goes around the world shooting amazing and beautiful videos for his channel. He’s put together a bit of a wrap-up video showing off all the stuff he did in 2014, and it’s fair to say he had a better year than all of us.
  • The BMW M135i is a great little car, but like all owners, this guy secretly pined for an M4. So what did he do? Hack the M135i’s sound program to make it pump sweet M4 tones into the cabin, of course.
  • The Dead Rising games started out as a simple concept: you’re trapped in a shopping centre with loads of zombies, and everything you touch can be made into a weapon. Now there’s a Dead Rising movie in the works, which looks equally ridiculous.
  • Know anyone who thinks electric cars are sissy? Show them this video of a Tesla Model S completely annihilating a Dodge Challenger Hellcat in a drag race.
  • Have you ever stared up into Minecraft‘s night sky? I mean, like, really taken a good, hard look into the frigid cosmos? You might notice that something’s amiss… this world doesn’t work like ours, does it? Here’s a shockingly bleak theory on why that is.
  • We all know that the modification, retouching, and compositing of photographs is commonplace in the design world. But few actually realise the extent to which some advertising imagery is conjured from so many disparate elements. These GIFs prepared by Russian compositor Ashot Gevorkyan reveal the crazy path from reality to finished product.