Get Your iPhone’s Touch ID Working Again By Retraining It

Get Your iPhone’s Touch ID Working Again By Retraining It
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Apple’s Touch ID is great — when it works. If you’re having some trouble with your iPhone recognising your fingerprints, it’s time to train it a little more.

We already covered how to do the initial iPhone training by trying multiple angles or even registering your finger more than once. Instead of deleting the finger from Touch ID and trying again, iOS lets you add to your fingerprint.

Open Touch ID & Passcode from the Settings app. Then just press your finger on the home screen and you’ll see the fingerprint icon highlight. You just sent your Touch ID back to school without starting over. Touch ID has more information about that finger. Try this tip if your iPhone never seems to record your fingerprint correctly.

Better Touch ID Performance [Josh Betz via BGR]


  • See ow that is interesting… I tried to do this and it does appear to train it more… but now I am getting less recognition than I used to. I almost think it still has the same finite number of records of your fingertip and is overwriting them… I could be wrong but at least in the case of my large thumbs I did a lot more training and now it doesn’t recognise the centre of my thumb.


    • I found adding my commonly used digit (right thumb) twice made recognition much better, rather than this ‘training’.

  • ohhh. you meant touch your finger on the TouchID sensor, not the home screen.

    I was tapping all over the touch screen and expecting the red fingerprint at the top highlight.

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