Choose An Uncomfortable Seat To Stay Awake In Meetings

Choose An Uncomfortable Seat To Stay Awake In Meetings
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We all know how rough it is to stay awake in a boring meeting, whether it’s a big company-wide event or a small team discussion that’s just a little too long. Find a seat where you have to support your weight a bit — that will keep you on your toes, and get your attention focused on comfort instead of fighting to keep your eyes open.

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Whether you’re sitting on the edge of your chair, or you choose to sit in a chair that’s not quite level, pick the most uncomfortable seat you can find for the duration of the meeting. Choose carefully — if the meeting is going to be several hours, you may not want to be painfully uncomfortable the whole time, but adding a little discomfort to the mix, especially for a shorter get-together, will keep you awake.

Thanks to reader Raevyn for the tip!


  • If you’re struggling to stay awake/focused, just excuse yourself – you’re not engaged enough to be a part of whatever is being discussed.

    If you have to stay, you may as well get something out of it, so either contribute, or take notes. Taking notes is great, it stops you getting bored, you actively focus on what’s being discussed, and you have a reference for when someone who didn’t take notes realises they needed to know something.

  • Wait… is this an actual legitimate problem, not just a plot device for sitcoms?

    If you genuinely can’t manage to stay awake for a meeting — exceptional circumstances aside — you probably have some pretty serious health and/or lifestyle problems to deal with.

  • If I’m in an uncomfortable seat in a boring meeting, I spend the whole time fidgeting and most of concentration goes towards how I can adjust myself to not to be so uncomfortable (i.e. almost completely ignoring whatever is being discussed)

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