Big W Is Offering Nikon's D3100 DSLR With An Extra Lens For $300

If you're in the market for a digital shooter, but don't have a massive budget, Big W is currently selling Nikon's D3100 for $300, down from its usual price of $754. This includes a 55-200mm lens as well as the stock 18-55mm.

Photo by perthian.

Spotted by OzBargain user perthian, the offer may not be available at your local Big W and stock is always a concern, so it's recommended you call ahead to make sure you don't waste your time.

There's some conversation on the OzBargain thread about the benefits of the D3200 over the D3100, with the former, newer model reportedly offering better low-light performance and a bigger sensor — 24.2MP over 14MP. It can be purchased from Harvey Norman for $346 (after cashback), though you miss out on the extra lens of the Big W deal.

Going by the image, the offer could expire at the end of January, though it's likely the retailer will be out of stock by then.



    NOT a bigger sensor. Sensor is same size (APS-C). Just more photosites on the sensor.

    Harvey Norman is $545 not $346. Must of changed in the last 2 days

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