Ask LH: How Can I Persuade My Partner To Stop Ironing?

Dear Lifehacker, I hate ironing, and my wife insists on ironing my work shirts for me. She does a great job, but it can sometimes take ages for her to get around to it, so I have to iron the odd one here or there to get through. I really want to start taking my shirts to a dry cleaner and get them laundered and pressed, but I don’t want to hurt her feelings. What should I do? Thanks, Iron This One Out

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Dear ITOO,

There are innumerable ways to approach this without hurting your wife’s feelings. (In fact, I’d argue that pretty much any conversation that results in her having to do less housework is going to go swimmingly.)

Instead of mentioning her tardy ironing schedule, make the focus about lessening her workload: you know she does a lot around the house and have decided you want to help out more. Insist on it. By following this tact, you’re basically getting brownie points for nothing.

Assuming you can afford it, going to a dry cleaner makes perfect sense — your shirts will look like new and always be ready. Plus, your wife will have less ironing to worry about, so everybody wins!

Alternatively, you could stop being chauvinistic and actually iron your shirts yourself. To get started, check out our complete guide for people who hate ironing. Good luck!


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