Would You Take A Job For The Free Massages?

Would You Take A Job For The Free Massages?

Tech companies like Google and Twitter are legendary for the perks they offer employees. But is it worth taking a job that offers free massages if you’re going to be in the office for 16 hours every day, coding like a maniac between bowlfuls of organic muesli?

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos took a shot at Google’s approach during an appearance at the Business Insider IGNITION conference. As the site reports: “He said that if you were to give job advice to your niece, would you tell her to go find the company with the best massages? Of course not, you would go find the most interesting work.”

Amazon itself has a questionable reputation as an employer, with staff in its warehouses regularly searched to make sure they’re not stealing the goods. But the question is an interesting one. Would you choose a job based mainly on the perks? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Jeff Bezos Disses Google’s Famous Perks: Would You Choose A Job Based On Who Gives The Best Massages? [Business Insider]


  • Although I don’t think anyone would be silly enough to take a job purely based on massages it might indicate that the company might actually have some interest in their employees. Comparing Amazon (no massages) to Google (massages) you also have two companies that are well known to treat most of their staff well overall to another that tries to get away with the lowest conditions possible what would you expect when you work there?

  • I’m not in IT, but I was under the impression that Google *does* have the most interesting work…

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