Soothe Sunburn With Yoghurt Or Milk

Soothe a Sunburn with Yoghurt or Milk

We all know we need to take care in the sun, but it's easy to catch a few too many rays. If you're feeling the heat and need some soothing, head to the fridge and pull out some milk or yoghurt.

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Skin-soothing lotions and aloe vera are nice, but if you run out or don't have any with you, Dr Mary Lupo, a New Orleans dermatologist, suggests turning to dairy items. Open up the fridge and pull out that carton of non-fat yoghurt for starters. Apply the yoghurt to your face like a mask and and leave it to work its magic.

If you don't have any yoghurt, try a milk compress. Soak a towel or cloth in cold milk and then apply it to your sunburn. Opinion is divided about whether the lactic acid helps, but the cooling sensation is a big help.

6 Natural Ways to Soothe A Sunburn [Real Simple]


    Sunburn is an ultraviolet burn, not a regular burn. It means that the techniques that work on heat burns (eg. lavendar, aloe, etc) will *not* work on UV burn. I even tried patches last time I burnt myself to a crisp to confirm what i'd found. If you're big on placebos, aloe may help for UV.

    I've never tried dairy items, so I can't comment on their effectiveness. I believe they can help soften the impact of hot foods.

    Last time I got burnt I used vinegar. It took the pain away instantly.

    I'm a first aid trainer here in australia, and the idea of using these thing on a sunburn make me shudder. The best thing is cool running water for 20 mins. this is part of the Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines. eg .

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