Lifehacker Awards 2014: Vote For The Best Social Network


    Love it or hate it, Facebook has the most users and therefore is the most successful at being a social network.

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      If that were the only criteria then Email would probably win. Perhaps to one person a more important criteria is that most things get filtered out and for another person it's that all things are shown.
      It would be better to judge on the features of a network with the assumption that all your friends are on that network. I would probably call Facebook a better social network than twitter no matter how many of my friends were on either.

        I wouldn't call email a social network, and TBH I never use email outside of work. That's what Facebook messaging, or just general SMS is for.

    Designated smoking area at work. Hands down the most social space i know.

    I think the best "social network" is where you spend time with real people in real life.

      Yes, the time I spend on Facebook is imaginary, as are the people I interact with. Great point.

        I'm pretty sure that there's a significant difference between being on Facebook and actually interacting with people face-to-face. However if Facebook fulfils your social needs, knock yourself out.

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