Install A Deadbolt Lock Yourself For Extra Security

Deadbolt locks are the first line of defence in home security. Here is how to install a deadbolt lock in a steel exterior door for added security.

First, determine the height where your deadbolt lock will be installed. Make certain the placement doesn't interfere with the latch on your storm or screen door. The deadbolt should be above the door knob.

Use the template provided by the manufacturer to mark the center of the deadbolt location on the door. 2 ⅜" from the edge of the door is a common measurement, but it can vary between brands of locks. Then, use the template to mark a hole on the side of the door for the latch.

Most exterior doors are steel-sided with wood cores. Use a hole saw designed to drill through steel to cut a hole for the deadbolt lock. Use a spade bit to cut a hole into the side of the door for the latch.

Place the latch plate around the new latch hole and trace around the edge, then use a chisel to carve out a recess that is just deep enough for the plate to sit flush with the door.

Noting which side is up, insert the latch through the hole and attach the plate to the door using two screws. Then install the deadbolt through the door and attach each end with long screws.

Install the strike plate using the template or extend the deadbolt on the door and and make a mark along the side of the doorjamb, then extend from that mark to the center of the doorjamb and drill out the hole for the latch. Drill out the hole using your spade bit and use the chisel again to carve out a recess in the doorjamb for the strike plate to sit in.

Check out the video above for the full step-by-step instructions.

How to Install a Deadbolt Lock on a Steel Door [essortment (YouTube)]


    And don't forget to upgrade the hinges!. Watched a police raid, 4 locks so they hit the hinge side door opened with one hit. 6 X 10mm screws will not stop anything.

    Deadbolts are mandatory for all external doors for insurance purposes to.

    As pjeaje informs, deadbolts are necessary to receive full insurance cover, it is important to have the deadbolts installed well. I tried installing one myself, and ended up breaking one edge of the door in the process. From my DIY experience, I’d suggest installation of a deadbolt is a work best left for a locksmith.

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