Protect Your Finances, Keep Receipts Out Of Your Wallet

Protect Your Finances, Keep Receipts Out Of Your Wallet

After buying something, most of us mindlessly stuff receipts in our pockets, wallet or purse. To keep your finances safe, it’s important to remember to get rid of those receipts later.

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Finance site Moneyning reminds us that there are a handful of items you should never keep in your wallet. Most of us know to pare down our credit cards, but your store receipts can also put you at risk.

While most businesses don’t list full credit card numbers on receipts, even the last four digits can provide enough for skilled hackers to figure out the rest. It’s recommended that you empty receipts out of your wallet on a daily basis. To limit access to any receipts, consider using a mobile or online electronic receipt app. Otherwise, shred them as soon as you don’t need the information. Also, never throw the receipts away in a public trashcan, as thieves can too easily rummage through and get your info.

It’s a simple but important reminder. For more stuff you shouldn’t carry in your wallet, check out the full post.

7 Things You Should Never Carry in Your Wallet [Moneyning]


  • Most likely you will be carrying in your wallet the same credit card that generated the receipt, so the benefit of throwing the receipts are diminished in this case.

  • If they’ve got your wallet they’ve got your credit card, doesn’t take a genius to realise that they wont need to look at old receipts to get the number.

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