Office 365 ProPlus Adds OneDrive For Business Access

One of the peculiarities of online storage platforms is that consumers are often given access to features ahead of paying business customers. And so it proves with the enterprise-focused ProPlus version of Office 365, which is belatedly adding support for OneDrive for Business.

Microsoft says it has begun rolling out OneDrive for Business access to Office 365 ProPlus customers, and expects that process to be finished by the end of January 2015. Remarkably, while ProPlus is the second-most-expensive version of Office 365 (it costs $17.40 per user per month in Australia), it's the only one which hasn't included OneDrive support.

Last month, Microsoft announced plans to offer unlimited OneDrive storage to all Office 365 customers, but said it would take a while. Underscoring that point, Office 365 ProPlus customers will initially receive 1TB of OneDrive storage when OneDrive for Business is provisioned, which will be expanded at a later unspecified date.

Announcing details of OneDrive for Business availability for Office 365 ProPlus customers [Office Blogs]


    Hmmm... not sure if that's quite correct or at least you've made it a little ambiguous. Office 365 Pro Plus has always included support for OneDrive for Business... as in it works with/integrates with OneDrive for Business just fine. For example, O365 E3 plan customers who get Office 365 Pro Plus in their subscription can use it with OneDrive for Business which is also included in the subscription. Works out of the box.

    What Microsoft announced in their blog post is existing subscribers of the standalone Office 365 Pro Plus product will now also get the OneDrive for Business service rolled in to their subscriptions. So it's not "belatedly adding support" for OneDrive for Business, but rather increasing the value of the standalone Office 365 Pro Plus subscription by adding the OneDrive for Business service (previously only available in the "suites" such as E3 or Midsize Business).

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