Office 365 Now Has Unlimited OneDrive Storage

I'm guessing that not too many Office 365 customers have used all of the 1TB of cloud storage that Microsoft has been offering since June. But if you have, don't panic: Office 365 users now get unlimited OneDrive storage.

The upgrade applies to both consumer and business customers. Microsoft says the rollout will take a few months, but you can apply online to be fast-tracked.

OneDrive delivers unlimited cloud storage to Office 365 subscribers [OneDrive Blog]


    Yay, just in time for my NBN connection.... Wait, where is my NBN connection?

    your lucky with the NBN... :P

    I have 65 kilobytes a second upload speeds.
    optus said they have no plans to increase it.

    it is utterly useless!

    took over a year to upload pictures to an online backup, and i gave up at 70% or so.

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