Get The Old Zoom Button Back In Yosemite With An Option-Click

Get the Old Zoom Button Back in Yosemite with an Option-Click

Yosemite swapped out the old green "zoom" button with a new full-screen mode button. If you miss the old zoom function, you can get it back with an Option-Click.

All you need to do to get back the zoom function is hover over the green full-screen button, tap the Option key and click. Your window will zoom just like it used to.

Yosemite Tip: How to Get the Old 'Zoom' Button Back [Macgasm]


    But is there a way to permanently change it?

    About time they swapped out zoom for full screen, zoom always pissed me off whenever i was forced to use a mac.

    FYI - You can also double click the toolbar of an app to make it 'zoom' (old green behaviour).

    Just make sure in 'System Preferences > General' that you haven't turned on the option to minimize with the double click.

    Still no way to permanently change + behaviour, but I find the double click works well as alternative :)

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