Castnow Streams Movies And Torrents To Chromecast, No Chrome Required

Castnow Streams Movies and Torrents to Chromecast, No Chrome Required

Google's Chromecast is a fantastic and easy way to stream videos from your computer to your TV, but even the workarounds to enable streaming of any video require Chrome. Castnow is a command line utility that will stream videos, music, and even torrent files.

Castnow works independently of Chrome and entirely from the command line. You can set it so it plays a single local video file, an entire directory, a web video file, YouTube clips, a YouTube playlist, a torrent file with a magnet link, and even do transcoding. The torrent streaming is a bit clunky and slow, but everything else works great. If you don't feel like messing around with Chrome, this is a nice lightweight solution.

Castnow [GitHub via WonderHowTo]


    I need a mobile App that runs a server client on the PC to cast stuff from the local drive.

    Video stream is good, but it requires starting the cast from the PC, and then controlling from the mobile which is great. But something that can start the cast from the mobile on the PC to the CC would be idea.

    Does such a beast exist?
    Other than things like Plex, want to be able to select the individual files.

    Really think this is great. No full test yet but youtube playlists work.

    Had to use some command line mumbo jumbo to install this. Including installing
    git at

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