Australian IT Pros Can Now Use Apple's Mass Configuration Option For iPhones And Macs

Apple has extended its previously US-only device enrolment program to Australia, enabling easier setup of mobile device management (MDM) across corporate devices.

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As iTnews reports, you'll need to set up a specific Apple ID for group corporate use and connect to an existing MDM server. It's not a complete solution if you have a bring your own device (BYOD) approach rather than centralised buying, but it does reflect a shift in Apple's generally consumer-centric approach — something also evident in its strange bedfellows partnership with IBM.

Apple lets Aussie IT teams mass-configure devices [iTnews]


    Yeah we had someone from apple come and talk about it, It really does seem to be quite good, especially as you can now, reclaim your apps after assigning them to a user. Which means you don't loose the license after assigning it, which you haven't been able to do previously, obviously only applies to apps in the app store.

      The ability to purchase apps via Apple's VPP program has been around for some time now, which allows you to push and pull apps (via an MDM).

      This is more about device management as a whole as far as I know (like bypassing activation when a personal Apple ID has been signed in, during setup, for instance).

      Either way, it's awesome they're starting to roll out these features to other countries sooner rather than later, or never.

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