This DIY Fix Keeps You From Losing Change Between Car Seats

This DIY Fix Keeps You From Losing Change Between Car Seats

It’s hard to retrieve coins and other things that fall into the little gap between the car seat and the door or the gear box. Here’s a quick, DIY solution that costs a dollar and almost no time.

You’ll need a pair of scissors and a foam pipe. Align the foam with the gap, and cut out a hole for the seat belt. Insert the foam and pull the seat belt clip out. Adjust the foam so that your seat is sliding back and forth easily.

Easy $1 Car Seat Gap Filler [Instructables]


  • Seems a lot of effort for something that rarely happens. If you take the change out of your pockets before getting into the car, then you won’t have this issue.

          • The one where the money falls down the gap! I don’t have a sports car (it has a turbo but it’s a diesel) and I just went and had a look down the side of seats. A pen, 3 coins…and that’s not including other stuff that has fallen down there in the past. Just cos it rarely happens to one person, doesn’t meant it doesn’t happen to many others.

          • Perhaps the problem is I have deep pockets in my pants and you guys have shallow pockets in yours. I’m not saying nothing will fall down the gap, just I don’t have a problem with coins falling out of my pants into the gap.

          • My pockets are so deep and overflowing with money and my sports car is so fast that the money just can’t help but come tumbling out. The gap is totally full of cash and random pieces of gold and diamonds that its not a problem.

  • If I had a dollar for every time that has actually happened… I could probably buy a paperclip… or two.

  • I’d also advise against painting your seat belt buttons black. Thats both stupid, and inconvenient for passengers (though I’m guessing this is a left-hand drive)

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