Learn The Basics Of Photography With This Interactive Chart

Even the best camera is only as good as the photographer’s skills. The “Where to Start” interactive chart guides beginners to learn about the basics of photography.

The flowchart format helps you make decisions about figuring out what you need, but the cool part is that most boxes are clickable. Click and you’ll be taken to a YouTube video by AdoramaTV, explaining the concept in simple terms. The chart was made by photographer and tutor Mark Wallace, who conducts several of the aforementioned videos.

For more tips on the basics, check out our photography night school.

Where To Start Chart [SnapFactory]


  • Not bad, but the choice gates are clumsy. In a proper flow chart, the choice gate is a diamond shape with ‘no’ and ‘yes’ outflows marked on the gate, so that it is simple to find the flow to go with; this chart pops ‘yes’ and ‘no’ bubbles away from the gate, making it harder to find the smooth flow. It looks like an example of graphics first, communication second.

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