Give Yosemite A Classic, Pre-OS X Look By Tweaking These Settings

Give Yosemite a Classic, Pre-OS X Look By Tweaking These Settings

If you find yourself yearning for the old days of OS 9, WonderHowTo shows you how to give Yosemite a classic black-and-white look by tweaking just a handful of settings.

The process to get the classic look is pretty easy. You'll switch on Increase Contrast, switch over to Graphite Appearance, change your wallpaper to a dark grey, then get rid of the toolbar in Finder. If you want to go all-in, you can use Grayscale mode as well, but that might be a little too far for most of us. Still, it's a nice little set of tweaks that drains the colour out of Yosemite a bit for a pleasant, simple pre-OS X look. Head over to WonderHowTo for the full guide.

How to Make Yosemite Look More Like Classic, Pre-Mac OS X Systems [WonderHowTo]


    It is System 9, not OS 9, you twits :P

      They actually changed then naming at OS 8. It was the first post Jobs return OS, and I think the change was made in part to close a loophole allowing third party licenses for the OS to clone manufacturers!

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