Simplify Switching Between OS X Partitions With An AppleScript

Simplify Switching Between OS X Partitions with an AppleScript

Switching between OS X partitions usually requires you to either manually change your startup disk or hold down the Option key when you boot, but iDownloadBlog reader Antony Verros shares a simple AppleScript that makes rebooting a bit simpler.

If you find yourself booting between partitions a lot (like to check out that new Yosemite beta), an AppleScript can make the process easier. Once it's set up, you can just click on the application in your dock and reboot to your partition of choice. You'll need to do a little manual tweaking to get it to boot into the drive on your computer, but it's pretty straightforward to do. Head over to iDownloadBlog for the script and guide.

How to quickly switch between Mavericks and Yosemite beta [iDownloadBlog]


    need help. i created a new partition and installed yosemite on it the other day, i was just wondering whats the best way to delete that partition in case I need more space on my hard drive

    I have an application called bootchamp (for mac). It puts a small icon next to the time/date on the top right of the screen, I click it to open a drop down menu, press "restart into windows" and it automatically boots into my other partition. I have osx as my start up disk so when I want to change back I just hit restart in windows and it boots back into mavericks. Easy as hell.

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