Decide On 'One Question' To Ask Before Making Any Work Decision

Struggling with decision fatigue can zap your willpower. One way to make sure you're always working towards your goals it to keep a solid "first question" in mind for every choice you face.

AppSumo founder Noah Kagan says that such a question keeps your priorities clear and helps weed out many decisions that you would have otherwise spent more time on. Kagan, who used to work at Facebook, says Mark Zuckerberg's first question to any idea was always "Does it help us grow?" Having that singular focus helped Zuckerberg make decisions faster, and in turn, it also helped those who worked with him because they knew the first requirement of any proposed task.

You need to frame a question based on your professional goal, which gives you a simple yes, no or maybe answer. For any decision, ask that question first. If the answer is yes, do it. If the answer is maybe, evaluate it further. If the answer is no, save the decision for later.

There is a danger that you will put on blinders with this strategy. A singular focus is good, but don't miss out on valuable opportunities when they come knocking. As with anything in life, it's all about striking a balance.

How to Stay Laser-Focused — Noah Kagan Interview [I Will Teach You To Be Rich]


    when the big boss asks me to do something, I allow myself one clarification reply.
    Bosses get pissed off with a flurry of emails from one person with a dozen questions.
    Best to check with collegues before clarifying something.

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