Build This Adjustable DIY Outdoor Bench In An Hour

Build This Adjustable DIY Outdoor Bench In An Hour

With just a few cinder blocks and lumber, you can make an outdoor patio bench of your desired length and height. Plus, it looks good and takes just an hour for the whole project.

DIY blog The Basement used 12 cinder blocks and four 4×4 wooden planks — sanded and varnished, so they look good.

Line up four blocks vertically, and stack two horizontally on top of them. At your desired length of the bench, arrange the blocks similarly. Slide the planks through the four cinder block holes on top and there’s your bench! The cinder blocks also work as a side table to rest your drinks. If you’re worried about the centre supporting weight, build support in the middle from additional cinder blocks.

The Basement used an existing mattress and adjusted the length accordingly, which is a good way to repurpose any extra cushioning you have. The project lets you adjust the height and width to your needs, and it will be easy to change in the future too. Since the blogger was happy with the measurements, she also used a concrete adhesive to make sure everything stays in place.

DIY Outdoor Bench – in less than an hour [The Basement via One Good Thing by Jillee]