This Comic Explains When It’s OK To Share Private Sexy Pictures

This Comic Explains When It’s OK To Share Private Sexy Pictures

With the controversy over celebrity nudes this week, we figured it’s time for a basic reminder on the topic of sharing nude pictures. This panel from one of Erika Moen‘s recent Oh Joy Sex Toy comics explains perfectly.

The image above is part of a bigger discussion on how to survive a long-distance relationship and how to sensibly and safely share images.

The moral of the story is that consenting adults should be free to photograph and share intimate material with their partners, and you and I shouldn’t be terrible people who violate their privacy or the trust placed in us in that relationship by sharing that material. If you want to make sure you take every possible precaution while you do enjoy those private moments, we have a guide to safe sexting and another on locking down those pics when you get them. Check those out after you check out Erika’s comic at the link below.

Tips and Tricks for the Long Distance Relationship [Oh Joy Sex Toy]


  • I’ve deleted pics after a breakup before. I mean why do I need to keep them? If I just want porn, there’s plenty on the net, just seemed like I was setting myself up for some future girlfriend to find them when I’d forgotten about it and cause a shitstorm.

      • Actually had a mate almost have his fiancé leave him because she found his stash of ex’s he’d kept as a spankbank, not computer literate so was just a folder, but she thought he must of been cheating on her, and the keeping pics of ex’s didn’t exactly diffuse the situation.

        • Yeah having said that I am single at the moment. I’m pretty sure if I was ready to get married, I’d be ready to delete them. Although I wouldn’t have a problem looking at random porn, it would feel a bit inappropriate to look at videos with other women I’d actually been with in the past if I was going to marry someone.

  • If you look at the original referenced article it follows this rule with another piece of very sensible advice: your device may be hacked or lost, so make sure any pics you take of a compromising nature don’t have any identifying material (eg. face or birthmark).

    This also allows for the fact that some people won’t follow the baseline advice in the article… there IS no excuse, but this unfortunately some people think they NEED no excuse.

    • Got a reference for that?
      Because if true, then they’ve also managed to create essentially infinite storage in their phones and are NOT using it to make trillions of dollars. I’ve filled and emptied my Samsung phone’s storage a number of times over with photos, so if there’s still a copy of every photo I’ve ever taken still on there, then that’s pretty awesome technology!

      • In your internal storage…
        DCIM folder, then…
        .thumbnails folder*

        *It’s a hidden folder so you need to go into your file manager settings and make hidden files visible.

        If you haven’t wiped your phone they should all be there. I auto backup this folder to the cloud as a ‘just in case’ my original photos get zapped. Be aware the copies are much smaller in size but ok as an emergency none the less.

    • It is pretty simple isn’t it. If your partner wants the photos shared outside your relationship they can do it themselves (with your assistance if they need it). If they don’t want them shared outside your relationship, then don’t do it.

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