Prevent Bumper Sticker Residue With Car Wax

Prevent Bumper Sticker Residue with Car Wax

Bumper stickers are a great way to show your affinity for anything you want the person driving behind you to know about, but when you want to remove them, it's often a pain. Apartment Therapy suggests putting down a bit of wax before you stick that sticker on.

Picture: David Wilson/Flickr

All you need to do is apply a small layer of car wax to your car before you stick on the sticker. When it's time to remove it, the sticker should come right off with no gummy mess.

10 Reasons Why Car Wax is Your New Best Friend at Home [Apartment Therapy]


    What kind of bogan willingly defaces their car with bumper stickers

      When your car is a 2002 Holden Commodore and not a Bentley, defacement becomes more of a subjective concept.

    who applies stickers to paint, yeeesh, although eucalyptus oil works great on getting rid of the residue.

    Last edited 10/09/14 9:23 pm

      THIS GUY!

      I was young and didn't know what would happen. Five years later when they had faded and I wanted to remove them...WHOOPS!

        To clarify and preempt the possible response, obviously yes I am aware on commercial vehicles stickers on paint is common, was more referring to privately utilised modes of transport :P

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