‘Stealing Plus Lack Of Talent Equals Creativity’

Coming up with ideas is hard, especially when you’re new in a field. 99% Invisible host Roman Mars reminds us that stealing is sometimes a great place to start.

Picture: bettyx1138/Flickr

Mars’ point isn’t that you plagiarise, it’s that you take inspiration from everywhere, and it’s OK sometimes to start with a copy. Mars explains his point a little further:

What I mean there is that in the effort to copy something, your skills, or lack of skills, or different experience, mutates the original. So that very often you come up with something that’s completely new and completely yours. Copying is totally underrated and mindful iteration is how good things become great things.

It’s a thin line of course, so don’t go off and start copying everything out there. But if you’re feeling a little stuck, it’s a good way to get your creative juices flowing again.

Episode 125: Duplitecture [99% Invisible]