Set Up Custom, Automated Out-Of-Office Replies For Twitter

When you’re going on holidays and disconnecting from Twitter, you don’t want people to think you’re ignoring them. An automated out-of-office reply can take care of that, and Amit Agarwal of Labnol shows you how to do it.

Agarwal has created a Google Script that uses Google Spreadsheets and Twitter’s API, so you won’t have to hand over your credentials to a third-party app. The step-by-step instructions are at the blog post linked below, and it works perfectly. When someone tweets at you, an automated reply will be sent in return. However, it doesn’t work with direct mentions.

This solution takes more time, but it’s neater than the previously featured Relaxed for auto-replies to Facebook and Twitter. Relaxed adds a link at the end of every message, further limiting your 140-character count.

How to Send Out of Office Replies in Twitter [Digital Inspiration]