Memorise Your Speech Opening To Reduce Anxiety

Memorise Your Speech Opening To Reduce Anxiety

Public speaking can be nerve-racking. Even if you have notes, memorising your opening can reduce your anxiety and let your presentation flow better.

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Over at Business Insider, they interviewed communications coach Danielle Price. Price suggests a fully rehearsed opening to control your jitters:

Memorise your opening. The beginning of the presentation often carries a rush of adrenaline. Learn your first few sentences so well you don’t have to think about it. “This empowers you to start strong and make a confident first impression despite nervousness,” says Price.

Check out the link for other ways to reduce your anxiety before public speaking:

11 Tips for Calming Your Nerves Before a Big Presentation [Business Insider]


  • Good list. I’d extend the memorisation from opening to all the key points of your speech in bullet form of the opening sentence of that point. That way, if you ever get lost, at least you can move onto the next one without shuffling or looking nervously at your notes.

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