Make A Simple Garden Sprinkler From A Plastic Bottle

Make A Simple Garden Sprinkler From A Plastic Bottle

If you’re trying to keep your outdoor plants happy, and you don’t have a sprinkler that will water them all at once, there’s a DIY solution that could solve your gardening woes. All you need is a plastic water bottle, tape and your garden hose.

YouTuber Dave Hax bills this as a homemade garden sprinkler — it clearly doesn’t stand up to the type of sprinkler in the still image above, or even those slowly rotating back-and-forth sprinklers many of us already have, but if you don’t have anything at all in your yard, this is cheap, easy, and can be made with throwaway materials.

Just grab your water bottle and use a thumbtack or pushpin to make a line of holes about 2.5cm apart along the length of the bottle. Then rotate the bottle and repeat the process. Do this three or four times so you get a decent spread of water when the bottle is attached to the hose. Then go outside, push the hose into the bottle opening, use the tape to seal the bottle to the hose, and turn on the water. With luck, you’ll get a decent stream of water from the holes you punched once the bottle is good and full — enough to keep your plants happy.

How to Make a Garden Sprinkler [YouTube]

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