Gravity: How Dell Workstation Tech Enabled Its Award-Winning Visual FX

Gravity: How Dell Workstation Tech Enabled Its Award-Winning Visual FX

Behind the scenes, there’s a cutting-edge visual FX connection behind Gravity, Iron Man 3, Edge of Tomorrow and the opening sequence of Skyfall. That link: British FX house, Framestore. Among major Hollywood studios, the firm has become synonymous with stunning visuals, and now has operations in New York, LA and Montreal. Here’s a look at the tech under its hood.

Chief Technology Officer, Steve MacPherson, hits the nail on the head: “Success in the VFX business is all about flexibility: “responding to new opportunities fast and being able to adapt our infrastructure to new requirements.” That’s a competitive requirement many organisations can relate to.

As you can see in this video, Framestore works in partnership with Dell to meet the rigorous demands of the movie, television and advertising industries.

Employees at Framestore gain blazing render speeds and reliable IT 24 hours a day, seven days a week using carefully-engineered Dell Precision T5610 and T3610 workstations with Intel® Xeon® processors and Dell UltraSharp monitors. The business, supported by Dell Financial Services, also uses efficient Dell PowerEdge servers that have lowered the cost of its render farm by £100,000 a year.

It’s fascinating to see how leading firms like Framestore roll-out high performance hardware for teams. Workstations that can power your own organisation.

Download the in-depth report below for insight, lessons and benefits uncovered by Framestore that will help you maximise the infrastructure and performance of your business, without breaking the bank.

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