Briefly: Kotaku On Zoe Quinn, Nutella Shortage Warning, Speed Painting Wizardry

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: hazelnut shortage threatens Nutella supply, Kotaku responds to Zoe Quinn sex allegations, the best speed painting you will see today.

  • A major hazlenut shortage caused by poor weather in Turkey could spell bad news for Nutella fans. "The Turkish industry, which is responsible for growing some 70 percent of the world's hazelnuts is facing what could be a hazelnut crop that's more than 30 percent below original expectations," reports Good Food. The price of hazelnuts has already spiked by more than 60 per cent this year.
  • One talented Minecraft player has put together a fully functional hard drive with a storage capacity of 1KB. Head to Gizmodo to see how he pulled it off.
  • Speed painting often just looks like a bunch of awful scribbles until the last 10 seconds when everything clicks together. Click here to see one of those sorcery artists at work.
  • In recent days, the online gaming community has been obsessing over indie game developer Zoe Quinn who has been accused of exchanging sex for favourable game coverage with a string of media outlets — including Kotaku in the US. The website has now issued an official response to clear up the matter. Read it here.


    Funny how nutella was created because cocoa was in short supply, so used hazelnuts to extend the chocolate supply.

    Lets just hope another amazing replacement is created for hazelnut shortages.

      artificial flavour + abit of oils and fats to get the consistency right...pretty much whats in chocolate nowadays isn't it?

    Gosh, I mistakenly read the headline like 'Store Nutella for Speed Painting'...
    I should go to bed now. See you tomorrow guys.

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