DIY Nutella

If you love the chocolate and hazelnut taste of Nutella and have hazelnuts available you can make your own version of the beloved spread using cocoa powder, icing sugar, vanilla extract, salt and coconut oil.

Culinary weblog Reclaiming Provincial has tried several Nutella clone recipes over the years and finally settled on this recipe as the closest to the original version. The source link also notes differences between various versions of Nutella.

What you're basically doing is toasting and peeling hazelnuts (also known as filberts), adding them to a food processor and blend until reaching a smooth butter then add the other ingredients and blend until the mixture is smooth and creamy. This homemade chocolate hazelnut spread will store for up to two weeks in your refrigerator. See the source link below for the full recipe with measurements.

Homemade Nutella [Reclaiming Provencial via Punk Domestics]


    Don't buy cheap cocoa; it's one of those things where the 'home brand' stuff is much worse than the premium products.

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