List Skills Before Experience On Your First Resume

List Skills Before Experience On Your First Resume

Creating a resume when you’re fresh out of university and have minimal relevant experience can be challenging. One useful tactic? Focus on the skills you have rather than where you’ve worked.

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Career advisor Amanda Augustine offers a sample of a resume for someone who is seeking their first role. One key point that stood out? When you don’t have a lot of work experience, emphasising your skills is more important than describing where you’ve worked. In a tech context, that means being specific about what you’ve worked with. For developer roles, pointing to GitHub contributions is also helpful.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mention where you’ve been employed; if nothing else, that demonstrates a good work ethic. But keep it brief — forcing your resume to a second page just to say all the places you’ve worked as a waiter is a waste of time.

Hit the full article for more examples of what to include in a first-timer resume.

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